Work Experience - Saskia Young

26th October 2012
I have been doing work experience for the past 2 weeks with Sarah Banham who runs For The Love of Books and RSC Photography.

On the RSC Photography side, I have learnt and gained many skills that I never once had. I first went to a Wedding Fair at the International Hotel with the business; we networked with a variety of different businesses and spoke to a variety of different customers. I learnt about marketing and how important it is to have the right price for the types of jobs done by the business. It was a wonderful day! Filled with many surprises of selections of food!

I have also learnt how to network with potential clients through sending emails. Communication is key in business, as it helps to become more recognisable in the industry of photography.

Sarah gave me some tips on social media and guided me to useful websites. For example, Ideas Tap is a website used by creative people to help network, share events and gain jobs. This website is helping me find people who I could email about their job title/interests and also I can blog on the page.

We went through some photography and fashion magazines to find pictures that would inspire me and stand out among other pictures. I was proactive and decided to annotate the images I found, to give me a better understanding into the senses the image attaches itself to. This was really exciting and still in progress!

Sarah and I went on a field trip to Colchester, as well as networking in various places and visiting a bookshop for the business For The Love of Books, we went around the castle park grounds to do some photography. It was great fun taking photos in a variety of different angles and capturing the scampering squirrels.


Whilst we were on a journey back to the car, I noticed an opportunity to capture a picture of a high standing squirrel and made the perfect shot. Unfortunately another squirrel decided to take the spotlight, although instead of posing for the camera it decided to pounce on to my leg and give me a fright! It was a funny time though :)

On the technical side of things, I have learnt how to change the lenses on the camera and also have been able to blow up the pictures and see a difference in the image produced by each lens. This has helped me greatly, by getting me use to different lenses and helping me find which one would be right for me. I have used photoshop as well to edit photos I took from the past weeks of being with RSC Photography. I found this very useful since I have gained many different skills and techniques that I didn’t know I could do!

I have had an awesome 2 weeks and have learnt so much for me to take with me into the future!

A great thank you to Sarah Banham, without her I don’t think my 2 weeks would have been as fun and exciting! Also thank you to Robert for helping me have knowledge into the different cameras/lenses I could invest in. As well, thank you to Chloe for teaching me some photoshop skills! :)


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