Welcome to the team. To meet the needs of our customers we have expanded the team to ensure we can provide the service you are looking for.

Chloe - A great talent who owns and runs the business, a major asset with her fresh look at photography, always wanting to help provide a memorable experience for all our clients. Chloe has expanded the RSC portfolio enabling us to provide video as well as traditional images.

Robert - Has a passion for action photography mainly in equestrian and motorsport, with over 20 years photographic experience he has gained a fantastic understanding of sports and event photography allowing him to take those unexpected shots people love to see and own.

Sarah - Has a creative eye that can give that extra lift to any picture taken at an event, Sarah has a knack of making people relaxed and at ease around the camera. Sarah says " I’ve been interested in photography for years and being a creative soul, I find I see a potential picture in almost everything. I prefer to work with the shades and darkness of moody black & white but colour can be immense fun too. Working with RSC has taught me so much and given me the confidence to take my creativity further". Sarah also covers PR and marketing for the business. Follow her tweets at @sjbwrites